Month: November 2022

Several more Twitter employees have been let go by Elon Musk.

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, continues to lay off employees. Reports indicate that Twitter suddenly and without warning let go of thousands of independent workers over the weekend. Substack, Platformer writer Casey Newtown revealed on Sunday that out of Twitter’s 5,500 contract workers, roughly 4,400 were let go. According to Newton, the contractors were not

Musk may make Twitter’s edit button public.

The ability to modify tweets was long considered fiction before becoming a reality in October. Reports say that Twitter will make its edit tool available to all users this week. This would be one of the first significant product changes made by the firm since Elon Musk took over.Musk may make Twitter’s edit button public.

Twitter may allow paywall video, reports say.

According to an internal business email acquired by The Washington Post, Twitter is considering allowing users to restrict access to specific videos behind a paywall. If the mockups are to be believed, after adding video content to a tweet, users could enable the “Paywalled Video” function and select a fee from a list that includes