ChatGPT competitor, Google launches Bard.

ChatGPT competitor ,Google has launched Bard, its chatbot experiment that utilizes generative AI technology to create content, which was previously limited to approved testers only.

With the release of Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT last year, the race is on to put AI in more users’ hands to reshape how people work and win business.

Bard is currently available for English-language access through a waitlist in the US and the UK, and users can provide feedback on its accuracy and productivity. Despite potential limitations, Google emphasizes that its focus is on users rather than competition, with the aim of accelerating productivity and fueling curiosity.

Google has announced the public rollout of Bard, its chatbot experiment designed to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT. The AI technology utilized by Bard relies on past data to create content rather than identifying it.

Google’s release of Bard is part of its strategy to make AI more accessible to users in the US and the UK. Interested consumers can join a waitlist for English-language access to Bard, which was previously only available to approved testers.

The launch of ChatGPT by Microsoft last year has caused a race among technology companies to put AI into the hands of more users. This trend is driven by the desire to reshape how people work and win business in the process.

Both Google and Microsoft have announced several developments in the AI sector in recent weeks, including draft-writing technology for their word processors, collaboration software, and AI-based applications.

Jack Krawczyk, a senior product director at Google, states that Bard’s rollout is not motivated by competition but rather the desire to enhance user productivity and fuel curiosity. Bard allows users to toggle between three different versions of an answer and includes a “Google it” button for web results.

Despite the benefits of the AI technology, Google acknowledges the limitations of Bard and urges users to provide feedback.

In summary, Google’s Bard is its latest chatbot experiment that relies on generative AI technology. It aims to make AI more accessible to users, improve productivity, and fuel curiosity. While there are potential limitations, Google remains committed to enhancing user experience and rolling out the technology at a deliberate pace.

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