Musk may make Twitter’s edit button public.

The ability to modify tweets was long considered fiction before becoming a reality in October. Reports say that Twitter will make its edit tool available to all users this week. This would be one of the first significant product changes made by the firm since Elon Musk took over.Musk may make Twitter’s edit button public.

Twitter has highlighted that the edit tool is officially still in testing and is currently locked behind the company’s soon-to-change $4.99 Twitter Blue subscription, which is only available to users in a few regions. Musk appears confident that it is ready for rollout to the general public. He is also reportedly working on a significant redesign of Twitter Blue, which might be released in the coming days.

The new $8 monthly Twitter Blue plan (down from $20) centres around verification and allows you to “rent” a verified checkmark. Users who want to pay will also receive faster responses, the opportunity to upload longer videos and audio, and reduced ad loads. According to Bloomberg, the new Blue might go live as soon as Monday, November 7th.

At least one Twitter worker has slept in the office to ensure the Blue team meets its deadline. If they don’t, they’ll be fired. The Verge reported on Wednesday night that employees were still preparing for layoffs that might affect half of the company’s personnel.Musk may make Twitter’s edit button public.

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