Twitter may allow paywall video, reports say.

According to an internal business email acquired by The Washington Post, Twitter is considering allowing users to restrict access to specific videos behind a paywall. If the mockups are to be believed, after adding video content to a tweet, users could enable the “Paywalled Video” function and select a fee from a list that includes $1, $2, $5, and $10. It wouldn’t matter if a person paid to access the information or not if they liked it or shared it with others on Twitter.

According to The Washington Post, it’s unclear whether the preparations were in place before or after Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid $44 billion to acquire the social media giant. Super Follows, which allows users to pay for subscriber-only material, and Twitter Blue, a paid premium tier, are two examples of the non-advertising revenue streams that Twitter has been investigating in recent years.

Twitter may allow paywall video

Musk’s ownership of the company has hastened this change in direction. A significant difference for a service that had previously been free for prominent people is that the CEO has disclosed plans to charge $8 a month to be verified on the social media network. In addition, Twitter’s staff have reportedly been given a deadline of one to two weeks to roll out the new video paywall feature.

Due to the short timeline, Twitter’s internal review teams may only have three days to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of charging for video content on the platform. Users uploading copyrighted content and charging for it is an example of the danger.

Concerns have also been raised regarding how the active porn community on Twitter might employ paywalled films. The company is unusual among major social media platforms in that it permits such material; furthermore, it predicts that about 13% of all information submitted on its platform is inappropriate for work. However, allowing users to charge for such content could cause issues with advertisers and payment processors, the latter of which have traditionally been wary of cooperating with pornographic sites. Once upon a time, Twitter intended to introduce a paid subscription service similar to OnlyFans, but fears that CSAM would spread stopped the initiative. Twitter may allow paywall video.

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